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Lendix lets you invest your savings in a useful way and with attractive potential returns: Start lending now!

Direct loans

Rates between 2.5% and 9.9%

Free and online

Monthly repayments

Warning : Lending money to SMEs presents a risk of capital loss and requires your savings to be immobilised.

We select quality SMEs for you

  • Eligibility

    The borrower is analysed by our credit team.

  • Credit Committee

    Company’s rating and interest rate are decided by our credit committee (learn more).

  • Alignment of interests

    The management of Lendix invests in every project to align their interests with yours.

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Lendix advantage

100% aligned

The management of Lendix lends to each project. Their interests are aligned with yours.

100% funded

Institutional investors lend alongside our retail investors and automatically complete every project at the end of the subscription period.

How to lend ?

  • 1. Sign up

    Sign up simply with your last name, first name and email

  • 2. Add funds

    Add funds to your Lendix Account by bank transfer or debit/credit card

  • 3. Choose

    Select the projects you like, based on their risk, interest rate, duration...

  • 4. Lend

    Choose the amount you want to lend and sign your contract online

  • 5. Get reimbursements

    Get your loans repayments (capital and interests) every month

  • 6. Reinvest or withdraw

    Reinvest or withdraw your reimbursements for free : Know more

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SME loans, a new asset class for institutional investors

Des solutions dédiées aux investisseurs professionnels uniquement